Our company

Furriery "JAN" Jan Ciesiński has been established in 1990. We are specialised in furs production. Furs are made by natural skins like foxes, jenoty, minks, musk-rats, Cut paws etc. In many variations.

We are employed well experienced furriers, therefor we guarantee the highest quality of our products. Also we attach importance to fashionable and precise finish our products. 

Most of our products we sold to Russia to Moscow. Russian market is one of the most exigent one.

In our offer are also fur - skins  on fur - additions to clothing ie. collars, hems etc From foxes, jenotów, of burrows, of rabbits, of llamas in natural figure or on according to. Of fashion and of colour.

We are interested cooperation with clothes - firms in range of sale of skins {leathers} how {as} also of executing of fur - additions on hems to clothing lady's and man's.

Every offer we examine severally both from pages  technical how  and financial





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